Bayport Ghana: Hostel gives hope to Douglas

Bayport Ghana: Hostel gives hope to Douglas

Douglas Ayisi, a teacher from Mamfe in the north eastern district of Akwapin, needed a lucrative venture to improve his monthly income, yet would not interfere his work as a teacher. He decided to offer hostel accommodation to students from Accra Poly Technic. He had some money saved and used this to start renovations.

Midway through the project, he urgently needed more finance and applied for assistance from Bayport Financial Services. His loan was approved, and he was able to complete the renovations and rent out the rooms to students.

The success of Douglas’s hostel has enabled him to pursue his dream of furthering his education and to ensure the well-being of his wife, Emma, and his three children Eugenia, Reginald and Catherine.

“I secured admission to the Methodist University College to study information technology,” he proudly states. “I am grateful to those who believed in me as I have believed in myself.”