Bayport Micro Individual loans

How does it work?

To qualify, a trader must have been in business for at least 2 years…

Bayport Micro Susu Account

How does it work?

Field deposit mobilisation officers (FDMOs) visit Bayport Micro’s customers every day to collect the money….

Bayport Micro BayPlus Account

How does it work?

Customers earn a very attractive interest rate per year….

Flexible Deposits

At Bayport we believe that your money should work for you. It’s job description? Multiply. Bayport’s fixed deposit products achieve this for you.

Our deposit accounts help you grow your savings and create an income stream with investment terms that
suit your goals.

Our fixed deposits offer:

  • High-yielding interest rates for both short and long term investments;
  • An account with no account setup, monthly maintenance or other fees;
  • Competitive interest rates even on small amounts all year round;
  • Negotiable interest rates on large deposits.

With a Bayport Flexi Fixed Deposit, you can choose how to receive your interest – as a lump sum upfront or when the investment matures, or as a monthly payment.

Who We Are

Bayport Management Ltd (BML) provides unique and relevant financial services tailored to the needs of consumers in developing markets.


Our Leadership

Our winning recipe contains many ingredients, chief among them the quality of our leadership. Find out more about our Bayporteers by clicking below.


The Bayport Way

The key to Bayport's success is an instinctive, conviction-based, principled and entrepreneurial approach to everything we do.