Bayport Tanzania: Cow jumps over the moon

Bayport Tanzania: Cow jumps over the moon

As a little girl, Hellen used to sit on a rock, resting her chin on her skinny, drawn-up knees, gazing at the cattle in the field. At night, when the family had supper together, she was often teased about her ambition to be a cattle farmer. Imagine, a slightly built little girl wanting to do a big man’s job!

Helen studied to become a primary school teacher, but her dream of being a cattle farmer was always at the back of her mind. One day, Hellen mustered the courage to apply for an agricultural loan, which was granted by Bayport Financial Services.

Today, this proud cattle farmer and astute business woman buys and sells four cows at a time, and the stock from her herd has enabled other members of the community to start their own dairy farming projects.

“I am happy to be able to provide employment to a cattle keeper and other members of my community,” says Hellen.