Responsible Credit

Bayport subscribes to the positive transformative power of credit, but is also fully aware of how destructive over-indebtedness is. All operations therefore comply with both the letter and the spirit of consumer protection legislation and regulations in their markets.

Bayport’s own affordability rules ensure that customers do not take on debt they cannot afford. Agents make sure that customers understand the terms and conditions of their contracts, as well as their rights and responsibilities as a Bayport customer. Pricing is transparent and easy to understand, while recourse mechanisms, such as details of how and where customers can complain, are widely published.

Consumer education and financial literacy are further focus areas. Efforts in this regard include educational material in branches and on operations’ websites and other digital platforms. Operations also regularly publish educational editorial and advertorial content in print and online media. In South Africa, Bayport launched the Money Solutions Centre that, in partnership with a financial advisory company, provides financial advice and support to staff members and customers.

In a public declaration of its commitment to responsible credit, Bayport has endorsed the Smart Campaign ( and its Client Protection Principles. The latter are aligned to Bayport’s stated objectives to build strong, lasting relationships with customers, increase customer retention and reduce financial risk.

Two Bayport operations have already achieved Client Protection Certification from the Smart Campaign: Bayport Botswana in 2015, with re-certification in 2018 and Bayport Zambia in 2016. Bayport Botswana was the first micro-lender in Africa and the first payroll lender in the world to achieve this distinction.

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