Bayport’s Product Suite

Bayport’s products are structured into three product sets, namely financial transacting, credit and insurance. These are named My Money, My Loans and My Cover respectively, and reflect the areas in which Bayport currently provides financial inclusion for customers.

The products also position the company for future growth, especially in the retail banking and insurance markets.

Each product set is broadly outlined and we highlight the key products inside that set. Note, however, that the different Bayport operations have their own products, tailored to respond to local market conditions and customer requirements.

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Who We Are

Bayport Management Ltd (BML) provides unique and relevant financial services tailored to the needs of consumers in developing markets.


Our Leadership

Our winning recipe contains many ingredients, chief among them the quality of our leadership. Find out more about our Bayporteers by clicking below.


The Bayport Way

The key to Bayport's success is an instinctive, conviction-based, principled and entrepreneurial approach to everything we do.