My Road Cover

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is an entity of the South African government that pays compensation to people who are injured in road accidents, or to the dependants of people who are killed in road accidents, as a result of third party negligence.

Bayport Uganda and Tanzania Education Protection Policy

Designed for our customers in Uganda, the Bayport Education Protection Policy covers all forms of education…

My Funeral Cover (South Africa)

The My Funeral Cover is a versatile product that allows customers to choose how much cover they want, the premium they can afford, and the family members they want the policy to cover.


With Bayport’s insurance products you can rest assured that if life does not go as planned, you are covered.

The Bayport Education Protection Policy is an insurance product in Bayport Uganda and Bayport Tanzania that protects the future education of your children and dependants should you pass away.

Similarly, Bayport Ghana’s funeral cover offers customers a cost-effective way to help their families with funeral expenses.

Bayport loans also come with Credit Life cover. This insurance covers you when you are unable to make your loan repayment.

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