Investor Relations

Since inception,  Bayport has enjoyed committed support from its founding shareholders as well as retail and institutional funders. These relationships have been key to building a solid platform for consistent growth.

Bayport’s core shareholders consists of the founding partners, its management, Investment AB Kinnevik (24% shareholding) and Helios Investment Partners (23% shareholding), and the Government Employees Pension Fund; represented by the Public Investment Corporation Limited (PIC) (21% shareholding).

The KfW loan

The first Development Finance Institution (DFI) loan that Bayport received was from KfW. As an immense vote of confidence in the business, the processes and the people, KfW (a German government-owned development bank) advanced its first loan to Bayport in December 2012.

Overseas Private Investment Company (OPIC) facility

Following an extensive due diligence in 2015, OPIC, the US government’s development finance institution, conclude a $250m 7-year loan facility for Bayport.

Subsidiary bond issues

Following on from the parent company, Bayport’s subsidiaries have since 2012 been issuing bonds in their domestic markets.

Bayport South Africa has an established securitisation programme that continues to issue new debt listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Inter-American Development Bank

During 2015, the Opportunities for the Majority (OMJ) sector of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) granted Bayport Colombia an A/B loan facility of USD50 million. This was the first loan facility from a DFI for any of the Latin American operations of Bayport.

International debt capital markets

Since its debut bond in 2010, Bayport continues to issuing bonds on international debt capital markets with 4 senior and one subordinated debt issue.

BML raised over USD100 million in its maiden bond issuance in 2010, followed by a second bond issue in 2012. The latter raised an additional USD100 million for investment in growth and business innovation.

SEM technical listing
On 28 March 2013, Bayport listed ordinary shares on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) through what is known as “a technical listing” or “a listing by way of introduction”. This development does not mean that members of the public can now acquire Bayport shares on the SEM.


Further information
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